Explaining my tasting “scale”

There are probably a million ways to rate wines.  

Many professional publications rate on a 100 point scale, judging such things as taste, nose, clarity, etc… and creating an all-encompassing final evaluation.  There is value in this approach.  It allows for nuanced judgement of wine and easier comparisons to determine if one wine is better than another.  This is what the publication needs to achieve.  Much like a dog show, they’re trying to determine which wine is the best representative example of its class.  For my purposes, this is a bit of overkill.

Others rate on a star-based system.  Usually they substitute something clever for stars (corks, bottles, boxed wine bladders…) This is less nuanced, but still allows for a comparison.  I have used this scale in the past, but it usually leads to me over-obsessing about previous wines and making sure I enjoyed this 3 1/2 star Pinot Grigio as much as I enjoyed the 3 1/2 star Cabernet Sauvignon I had 4 months ago.  Not to be too philosophical or transcendental, but the truth is I was in completely different places in my life emotionally, spiritually, and physically when I tasted them.  I can’t possibly tell you if The wines deserve to be rated the same.  Also, these wines are completely different to me and there is no need to compare them.  So that system doesn’t meet my needs.  I don’t want my evaluations and reviews to be stressful…

 I simply want to remind myself and to tell you if I liked the wine or not.  Therefore, my rating is going to be “I liked it” or “I didn’t like it.”  With only two options, I’m forcing myself to make a decision.  No sitting on the fence for me.  I feel that you deserve a committed response from me, not simply a shrug of the shoulder and a “meh.”  I’m sure my details will give you clues to how enthusiastically I like the wine.  


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