2014 Barone Fini Valdadige Pinot Grigio

What it says on the back of the bottle:

A crisp, dry wine from northern Italy, it is fresh and fruity with a flowery bouquet.  A perfect accompaniment to light dishes or by itself, as an excellent aperitif.


This wine was a clear, moderately yellow color in the glass.  The nose was subtle and has hints of a floral aroma and a slightly sweet smell.  The wine was served at ~ 48 degrees, making it refreshing on a rather hot, humid day.  My first impressions were that the wine was a little tart and I tasted a bit of candy corn flavor.  I didn’t notice the honey flavor that I usually taste in Pinot Grigio.  Instead, I felt the alcohol in the wine was a bit overpowering.  The finish was smooth and the flavor did linger in my mouth, but it wasn’t a flavor that I really wanted to linger.

Rating: I didn’t like it.

Why:  the alcohol taste was a bit too much for me.

Will you finish the bottle:  Yes.

Best way to describe this wine to a non wine drinker:  It’s like that awkward moment after you made a risky, off-color joke that misses…



Year: 2014

Varietal: Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio

Location: Italy

Bought from: Jewel-Osco

Price: 13.99 (11.99 with Ibotta rebate)

Paired with: Cheeseburger with Monterey Jack cheese

Wife’s rating: I didn’t like it – I wouldn’t pick it again, but it’s not horrible.

Had any good (or bad) Pinot Grigios to suggest?  Feel free to leave a comment.


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