2014 M. Chapoutier Côtes-du-Rhône Belleruche

What it says on the back of the bottle:

M. Chapoutier

My reference

A permanent objective to work on differences in tastes, to bring out the specific tastes provided by each local terroir and wine.  This is how we could sum up the Chapoutier Estate quest, which has been present in the Rhône Valley since 1808

Grenache 60% / Syrah 40%


This wine was pleasant to drink.  It was light in flavor but significant in mouthfeel.  There was a pleasant hint of cherry on the nose.  I thought I smelled cinnamon as well.  But the nose was very subtle.

Continuing with subtlety, the taste had cherry, but I tasted mostly pepper.  What I noticed most was the mouthfeel.  There was a lot of tannic grip to the wine (your mouth has turned into sandpaper or like a cat’s tongue).  The finish lasted a while and just continued with tannins.

There wasn’t much powerful flavors to the wine, this wine was really about mouthfeel.

This is probably not a wine for a new wine drinker, it is more for those that want to explore new and different aspects of wine.


Rating: I liked it.

Why:  it was an interesting wine for me.

Sittings to finish: 1

Best way to describe this wine to a non wine drinker:  the walk back after a fun long day at the beach, still covered in salt and sand.



The wine was a clear, consistent bright purple in the glass.

The nose was light with cherry and cinnamon.

The wine is dry in the mouth with light flavors of cherry and spices, especially pepper.

The finish is a bit bitter and tannic.



Vintage: 2014

Varietal(s): Grenache, Syrah

Location: France

Bought from: Jewel-Osco

Price: 13.99

Paired with: tombstone cheese pizza

Wife’s rating: i liked it


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