2015 San Pedro Epica Cabernet Sauvignon 

What it says on the back of the bottle:

Discovery.  Adventure.  The thrill of something new.  Epica is about experiencing more.  It’s about moments: getting together with friends and sharing spirited conversation, good food, and great wine.  This Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon is filled with rich flavors of blackberries and raspberry jam with a smooth finish worth savoring.

Sustainable wine growing.



This wine was very fruity and flavorful.  I didn’t pick up blackberries or raspberry jam.  I felt I smelled more plum.

As for flavor, my wife suggested it tasted like barbecue potato chips.  I give her full credit for the analysis and share that thought.  I also thought it had an aspect of dry cocoa powder.  The tannins were there, but they were subtle.  It didn’t give you the dryness in your mouth other red wines will.

All in all, I think this wine is very good for anyone wanting to start exploring red wines.


Rating: I liked it.

Why: it was a fruity, tasty red wine

Sittings to finish: 2

Best way to describe this wine to a non wine drinker: A couples game night with friends where you play a humorously inappropriate card game.



The wine was a clear, consistent deep purple in the glass.

The nose was heavier with a plum scent

The wine was not very dry in the mouth with forward flavors of barbecue sauce and dry cocoa powder.

The finish was soft and short.



Vintage: 2015

Varietal(s): Cabernet Sauvignon

Location: Chile

Bought from: Jewel-Osco

Price: 11.99

Paired with: quinoa casserole

Wife’s rating: i liked it


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