Hello and welcome to my little corner of the world.  Thanks for stopping by.

So…about this About Me page.  I am a rather anonymous individual and am not seeking fame or fortune from this.  I have no credentials or letters after my name.  I have taken no courses to improve my ability to taste wines.  I do not have anything against that form of wine expertise and may go deeper and more official in the craft in the future; I’m just not there at this point.  Most of my wine experience has been from Wikipedia, reading articles and blogs like I hope this one will be, and drinking wines I do and don’t like.  

Most of the time the wine to be tasted will be bought at a local grocery store because there was a rebate available.  It will be paired with either a cheeseburger, pasta with Prego or another sauce, or a Tombstone pizza.  Occasionally I will be more exotic with my selections, but I feel a typical meal is not a rare gewürztraminer paired with a pear-glazed spiced duck curry.  There is nothing wrong with this, it just isn’t the life I live.

Believe me, I already know there are plenty of wine blogs attempting to ‘de-mystify’ wines for the ‘regular’person. I suppose I will do this from time to time, but my main objective here is simply to record the wines I drink and share my thoughts.

So find a comfortable chair, pour a glass, and I hope you enjoy my journey into wine as you take yours.


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